The benefits of ParkinsonNEXT

We manage a database that holds over 3.800 people that want to contribute to scientific research and innovation projects on PD. Most of our participants are parkinson’s patients (~75%). Other participants are caregivers (10%) and healthcare professionals (15%). They have provided us with their demographics, medical details and their personal interests. Based on this information we can selectively invite all participants that match the profile you’re looking for. We support all kinds of research, from questionnaires to clinical trials.

How does ParkinsonNEXT work?

1. Get in touch with us (free of obligations)
Are you interested to find out what we can do for your project? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to inform you about our services and prices. Not sure if we can be of help? Don’t hesitate to send us an email for more information, possibilities and opportunities.

2. Receive a quote
Our services come with a fee. Prices are calculated based on the type and amount of services that we will provide for your project. Receive a quote based on your projects requirements and desires. Quotes are entirely free of obligation, unless expressly stated otherwise.

3. Your project on ParkinsonNEXT
If you agree with our quote we will create a webpage for your project on We need your input for this.

4. Recruiting participants
Based on the information we have from our registrants we can make a distinct selection and invite those that match the profile you are looking for. These participants will receive an email with information about the study and an invitation to participate. When they express their interest we will bring them in contact with you.

5. Keep them informed
We find it important to keep our participants up to date on PD research and innovation in general, but also specifically on your project. For this we request your input. This can be done via e-mail, a short online form or an interview by phone. We will help you with this.

Interested? Get in touch with us!

Help with a grant application

ParkinsonNL can provide you with advice on your grant application. Click on the link to go their Dutch-language website.

Help with your grant application

Additional services ParkinsonNEXT

Besides help with recruiting participants, ParkinsonNEXT offers other services, including: 

  • Easy access to participants that can advise you on study design
  • Setting up a questionnaire based research project
  • Make a poll / short questionnaire